Making healthy lunch recipes

Variety For Your Healthy Lunch Recipes

Making healthy lunch recipes can sometimes be impossible for you when you are on the run. Eating the same thing for lunch can get boring and eating out everyday is unhealthy and expensive. Making lunches for you and your family can be easy with all these fast simple easy to make recipes. You might enjoy recipes like pastas, soups, or salads; Finding fast recipes is easy when you look online or at book stores. You can even find lunches to make with the kids, to share with friends, or for when you are on the run.

The sandwich is an all time favorite. Its a quick lunch fix but sometimes ham, lettuce and tomatoes just don’t cut it.

You can vary the flavor by adding chicken, tuna, turkey and even fish. There is also a variety of veggies for example tomatoes, sliced bell peppers, pickles or you may try adding some fruit. Mayo is not the only choice of spread either now you have thousand island, sour cream and many others. Just imagine how many combinations you can make using all these different ingredients

Some fast healthy lunch recipes are soups which you can make yourself or buy them at the store. Making your own is better considering the fact that you can make a weeks worth and you can add your own ingredients. You don’t have to eat just the soup alone you can combine it with many side dishes. Some good dishes can be bread, cookies, chips or any other side dish you can think of. Since you might not have time to heat the soup you can also eat them cold. Pasta is another lunch recipe that can be eaten either hot or cold and you can make your pasta any way you like.

Talking about cold lunches salads is not just lettuce and tomatoes anymore there is a wide variety of ingredients too choose from when making your salad. You can add any leafy greens, dressings, meats, and toppings. With the choices of meats to put into the salads this will help to give you that full satisfying feeling. This healthy lunch recipe will keep you up and going for that busy, stressful and tiring day. You can even add fruit to the salad to give it some sweet flavor or make your own fruit cocktail.

When going to the grocery store make it a habit of scanning all the ingredients and think about all the healthy lunch recipes that are available to you. When you go shopping take your children so they can help you come up with some weird and delicious combinations of foods (kids are not afraid to speak their mind). The kids can also help you make their lunch before going to school which is good for spending time together on a busy schedule.

Lunch Is a Daily Must

A Healthy Lunch Is a Daily Must

Lunch is an important meal in your day as is eating a healthy breakfast in the morning. A common belief is that eating a big breakfast means that it’s okay to skip lunch. Chances are when skipping lunch you will develop a hunger during the day that will lead to snacking on unhealthy foods or eat too much at dinner time. Often times when skipping lunch your body may become depleted of nutrients that are needed for you to remain alert. Lunch time may provide a two-fold purpose, the fulfillment of knowing that you eating healthy food and the fact that you are giving your body and mind a chance to rest for a short time, helping you to remain alert for the balance of the afternoon. There are ways in which you can be certain that your lunch is healthy, regardless of daily activities or situation.

If you are away from your home at lunchtime, rather than going to a fast restaurant, carry a bag lunch prepared at home, this can save you time and money. When you have prepared your lunch from the ingredients that you have purchased from your local grocery store, this will ensure you of a more nutritious and tastier lunch. If lack of time in the morning does permit you to pack a lunch, simply pack it the night before.

Frozen diet meals usually low in fat and high in nutrition available in several lunch size varieties can purchased at your local grocery store. These meals are for you to have a different lunch every day of the year. This choice is usually more expensive than making and packing your own lunch, but a good choice if time does not permit you to prepare a bag lunch. To determine the best frozen healthy diet meals, look closely at the nutrition facts and ingredients labeled on the outside of the package.

Also available are many varieties of non-perishable healthy lunch meals, such as microwaveable, water added soups, pretzels, crackers with peanut butter, cereal bars, or instant oatmeal, and also healthy choices of beverage for lunch time that can be kept at your desk or in the lunch room refrigerator.

If you forced to eat out, make healthy food choices that include light meals, such as wraps, sandwiches with whole grain or multi-grain bread and light on the spreads, salads with light dressing, and fruit. By all means, avoid fast food, pizza, and heavy meals, like pasta; it may be okay if you plan to be physically active during the afternoon.

Healthy Lunch Recipe

Wrapping Up a Healthy Lunch Recipe

There are a lot of healthy lunch recipes some are easy to make but some take time. The stress and workload of the day has you working and thinking about due dates, and that leaves no room for lunch. If you work you know how hard it is to get good nutrition.This is why people are always searching for a lunch that is satisfying and inexpensive.

Eating out at fast food places or restaurants can be costly and sometimes unsatisfying. Most fast food places have the same food, the only difference is the taste and ingredients. Did you know that one fast food meal contains enough calories for the entire day? This is not a good thing because you will get hungry more than once, and by eating two or more of these types of meals a day, you will easily double or triple your calorie intake. This will cause health problems such as obesity, cholesterol, and diabetes.

Restaurants have been know to make some healthy and delicious food. The thing about these delicious plates is that they cost about the same as one weeks worth of lunch. Some of those dishes consist of fresh and healthy ingredients, but if they are not small in portion, they will be expensive for you to sustain this type of eating.

I’ve dug around in internet forums pertaining to healthy eating, and I notice that a lot of people are looking for that quick satisfying lunch recipe that you will love and wont get tired of. Besides being a good “eater” I also enjoy cooking, lately I have been packing a simple to make lunch for my husband to take to work. Introducing the wrap which has been around for a while because they make great lunches. You can make the wrap using any type of flat bread or lettuce leafs for a healthier lunch.

One great thing about the wrap is that just like a sandwich you can make it out of anything.The Mozzarella Wrap got my attention because it only consist of two main ingredients and it looks delicious. Another thing that I liked about the wrap is the way its wrapped, you don’t need a fork or spoon to eat and you don’t have to worry about spilling. Wraps can also be eaten either cold or you can grill it. The best thing about them is they only take about five minutes to make. You can take the ingredients to work and make your lunch at the office without having to go anywhere(besides the kitchen of course).

When you work in an office you don’t have time to go and buy lunch. Fast food places aren’t very healthy and restaurants can take a long time to serve. This is why I think that wraps make a great healthy lunch recipe. At the bottom you will find the recipe to the Mozzarella Wrap, and don’t be afraid to add any ingredients of your own. Have fun with your lunch that’s what eating healthy is all about. Now go and wrap yourself a healthy lunch recipe:)

Tomato and Mozzarella Wrap


1 Whole Flour Tortilla
2 TSP Onion Cream Cheese or Mayonnaise (You can add as desired)
1/2 Cup Fresh Spinach, torn
Mozzarella Cheese, sliced


Place the tortilla on a plate or flat surface.
Spread some cream cheese or mayo on the tortilla.
Place some slices of tomato, mozzarella and spinach in the center of the tortilla.
Now wrap it all up into a burrito.
The delicious part of it all is you can either eat it cold, grilled, or heated in the microwave.



Healthy Lunch

Lunch is an important meal in your day, so don’t skip it, even if you are tempted to do so. Many people believe that eating a big breakfast means that lunch is unnecessary, but that’s simply not the case. When you don’t eat lunch, you are more likely to snack during the day on unhealthy foods or overeat at suppertime. Your body also becomes depleted of nutrients when you skip lunch, so it s better for you to always eat lunch, even if it means making a bit of extra free time available in your day. However, there are ways in which you can ensure that your lunch is fairly healthy, no matter what your specific needs.

If you are at work or school over lunchtime, you can save lots of money by carrying a lunch rather than grabbing lunch from a fast food restaurant or other food source. Your own meals will also be more nutritious and, in many cases, tastier. If you are not a morning person, packing a lunch doesn’t mean that you have to wake up earlier to prepare this. Simply pack it the night before. Many food choices can help you to pack a lunch that will be the envy of your coworkers.

You can also consider stopping at a supermarket and picking up frozen diet meals for lunch as well. These meals are usually low in fat and high in nutrition and come in enough varieties for you to have a different lunch every day of the year. This option is sometimes a bit more expensive than making and packing your own lunch, but it can still be fairly inexpensive. Remember to look at the packaging to determine the best frozen meals for you. Some are not made for those looking for a healthy diet, and although they may taste good, they will be full of preservatives and calories.

You can also stock your desk at work with healthy lunch choices in order to save time. Lots of foods come in non-perishable varieties, which can easily fit into your desk and be microwaved with water when it comes time to eat lunch. Try soups, pretzels, crackers with peanut butter, cereal bars, or instant oatmeal for lunchtime at the office.

When you have to eat out, such as if you are meeting an associate or client for lunch, make healthy food choices. Avoid skipping lunch altogether just to have a meeting. Instead, see if your company will chip in to pay for the client’s meal. Usually, companies are more than happy to reimburse you or provide a company credit card or tab information. Good choices for lunch include light meals, like wraps, sandwiches with wheat bread and light on the spreads, salads with light dressing, and fruit. Avoid fast food, pizza, and bulky meals, like pasta for lunch, unless you plan to be very active during the afternoon at work.

Healthy Lunches

Packing Healthy Lunches

Life can be really busy sometimes, can’t it? We tend to rush through our day, and we just do not have the time to stop and eat a healthy lunch. In those cases, we usually tend to grab something not so good for us from the fast food restaurants or we get something from the work cafeteria that may not be what we need to help with our weight loss journey. Those foods can be packed with sodium, cholesterol, excess fat, and sugar. And the portion sizes they give could feed you for a few days!!

How in the world do you handle lunchtime with this new healthier lifestyle you are living??

You can start by packing your own lunch! It saves you time and money, you get the nutrients you want in the portions that are correct, and you know exactly what is going in your food! Here are a few tips to help you with this task:

1) Start planning your lunches for the week early. Make sure that healthy choices are in the refrigerator and pantry. If you need to make extra purchases, then do so! You can add this task to your weekly preparation time. This makes you more relaxed and focused on making the best meals for yourself.

2) Use a colorful lunch bag, a cooler bag with the ice packs, or something to help make preparing your lunch fun! If you have different colored lunch bags, alternate them to give yourself something to look forward to each day. Cute containers will put some enjoyment in the preparation task, also. Enjoy the process – do not dread the task.

3) Ensure that you pack a protein, a healthy carbohydrate, a beverage, and fruit for dessert (if you wish). This way, you are getting the correct balance of nutrients that you need to power through your afternoon. Proteins like chicken, fish, turkey, tofu, or beans are great choices for lunches. Healthy carbs include vegetables that have been lightly steamed, or a nice salad with light dressing. Excellent beverage choices include herbal tea or green tea, or water with a splash of fruit juice, and any type of fresh fruit is a great dessert option. You can search online recipe databases for additional ideas. Oh, and dinner leftovers make EXCELLENT lunches!!

Here are some sample meals you can use for future lunches that are easy to prepare, delicious, and full of nutrition:

Turkey wrap on whole wheat tortilla with lettuce, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and cucumbers with dijon mustard, broccoli slaw, water
Black bean soup, spinach salad with carrots, celery, mushrooms, and light dressing, hot tea
Grilled salmon filet, steamed kale, corn on the cob, peach green tea, granny smith apple
Baked chicken with Mrs. Dash seasoning (southwest chipotle flavor), brown rice, green beans, water with lime juice, strawberries for dessert
Chicken fajitas (chicken tenderloins baked with cumin, chili powder, and lime, cooked with sliced onions and sliced bell peppers) with chunky salsa, water with lemon juice, tangerine for dessert

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

So consider preparing a healthy lunch this week, and keep up the journey to your best health!

Be blessed with better health!

Packing Lunch

How to Pack a Healthy Lunch

Most of us are aware of the hidden perils of restaurant foods, in particular, fast foods, which are loaded with calories, sodium, and unhealthy fats. However, since we often don’t have the luxury of time at lunch, we tend to run to whatever is closest and the most convenient. When we indulge in too many take-out pizzas or burgers and chips, we eventually feel it around our waistline.

So rather than spending money on greasy fast foods or expensive salads, why not consider packing your lunch instead? You might think that it is boring or a lot of work to pack your lunch, but with some planning and creativity you would be surprised how easy and economical it can be.

Likewise, packing a healthier lunch for kids can be equally challenging, as we know that they can be picky eaters. However, it is simply not right to feed a child a packed lunch made up of junk either. The key here is to strike a balance, making sure that your kids get all the essential nutrients to help them grow and be healthy, but allow a little treat so that they do not get hung up about food and see it as being a bad thing.

In the following, we will look at the 3 things you should remember when packing lunch, how to teach kids about healthy eating, some healthy packed lunch ideas, and tips to packing lunch without stress.

3 Things To Remember When Packing Lunch —

Pack enough protein

When packing a healthy lunch, many people, particularly women, have a tendency to focus on choosing low fat, low calorie foods that are low in protein.
Protein provides a sense of satiety and stabilizes blood sugar levels; as a result, you feel satisfied longer.
Protein is critical for a growing child.
When the lunch is devoid of protein, you are more likely to splurge on some junk food later in the day or over compensate at dinner.

Bring healthy snacks

Having a couple of healthy snacks during the day helps to keep your metabolism primed and reduces the temptation of unhealthy splurging.
Pack a snack for mid-morning and one for mid-afternoon.
Watch out for energy bars and pre-packaged snacks that are loaded with sugar. Low fat or fat-free snacks often contain more sugar than the regular version.

Don’t drink your calories

o A can of soda or a 12-oz bottle of juice adds at least 150 calories to your meal. Ounce for ounce, fruit juice has as much sugar as regular soda. You do that 5 times a week, you might end up gaining 11 pounds in a year.

o Diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners that are just about the worst of all dietary choices. They are beyond processed, completely unnatural, and have a long history of causing health problems.

o Chocolate milk and soymilk generally contain more added sugar than their unflavored counterparts – 6 teaspoons (24 grams) per 12-oz. Excessive sugar intake in children has been linked to tooth decay, behavioral problems, obesity, and diabetes. Contrary to common misconception, soymilk is not a healthy drink either. The phytoestrogens in soy disturb hormonal balance in the human body, in particular, babies and growing children. For this reason, it is best to avoid soy and choose unflavored milk instead, preferably organic without hormones and antibiotics.

o Water is an excellent beverage. But for variety, adults can bring a thermos of hot or iced unsweetened green tea which is calorie-free and antioxidant-rich. For children, dilute fruit juice with at least equal amount of water.

Teaching Kids About Healthy Eating —

The best way to get your children to eat healthy is through education. At school, your kids are going to see that their friends have lunches that look and taste different. You might become the mean parent who does not give them the same junk. Therefore, start early and keep educating them again and again. Helping your kids learn how to eat healthy is just as important as any other parental duties, and equally challenging and rewarding.

Take the kids grocery shopping or if they are older, let them help to cook. Talk to them about what food does for the body, how it helps them grow, keeps them healthy, gives them energy for sports, and keeps their brains sharp. These topics easily transition into why it is important to eat healthy foods and not the junk that they see during the TV commercials.

Encourage them to eat a rainbow of colors every day. When shopping, ask them to help pick out an assortment of colorful fruits and veggies. When you get home, pre-wash the fruits and keep the cut-up veggies accessible for snacks. They are more likely to eat them when they are involved in the shopping process.

Get them eat the real foods. For example, visit a local farm and help them see that fresh strawberries come from a plant and do not turn into bright red fruit chews without the help of a chemistry set. Challenge them to eat foods that are closest to their natural state. Reward them for eating “real” foods. Likewise, explain how whole wheat berries are grou

Go Strong

Go Strong All Afternoon Enjoying Healthy Lunch Recipes

As I’ve aged I’ve taken it upon myself to start eating healthier foods because I feel that I owe it to myself to feel good from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep. To enjoy your life and receive the same great health benefits that I do on a daily basis, eating healthy is a big part of the game. It is also very important to choose foods and meals that you ENJOY! Taking care of your body by feeding it will put you in good state of mind and is the key to achieving fitness goals such as taking off the extra pounds. Be happy with what you eat and every fiber of your being will show it’s appreciation and reward you with by feeling great.

Let’s face it, in today’s society we are always on the run. Sometimes we don’t get a chance to physically sit down and enjoy a meal until late at night. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be eating right on the go. Eating right on the go is MORE important than ever in this day and age and it’s a must to be filling your tank w/ all the necessary food fuels it needs to get you through the day. Staying focused and energized so you can concentrate on doing your job to the best of your ability will pay you back in dividends as you climb the ladder of success in your professional life.

Make lunchtime YOUR time. Slow down, relax, and enjoy it! Being one of the three most important times you will eat in a day it is a meal that you should take advantage of now! Speaking for myself lunch is my favorite meal as it falls right smack dab in the middle of the day when my body is craving more fuel. By noon time I’ve usually still got 5 hours left to go in my workday and in my line of work (running a I.T. dept.) I need to stay focused and alert to avoid those mid afternoon crashes. To accomplish this I make sure to have a power packed lunch every single day week. I know many of you (like myself) may not feel you have the time to get yourself together a nutritious lunch each day, so I asked my wife if she had any suggestions for my readers. My wife is the person in my family behind getting us all fed properly an in a timely manner. Here’s a few pointers she came up w/ for you.

Organization – Take a few extra minutes at the end of each week to make a list of lunches that you’d like to enjoy in the upcoming week.

“Shop On Sunday” – Between work, taking the kids to after school activities, making your appointments and everything else that goes on during the week who has time to shop? Make it a point to get your shopping out of the way on Sunday. For most Sunday is a rest and relaxation day and you can easily fit a 1/2 hour trip to the grocery store in at some point during the day. This way your ingredients stay fresh all week to make the delicious healthy lunch recipes you whip together not just great but AWESOME!

Preparation – Make some time in the evening either while you’re cooking dinner or after you cook dinner to gather your lunch together for the next day. This way you can get up and take care of the morning duties w/o having to rush around like a chicken w/ it’s head cut off.

Take this advice and run w/ it. I truly believe that you will see an incredible spike in your afternoon energy level that will have you looking forward to the rest of your day. Plus healthy lunch recipes aren’t just fun to make, they’re even MORE fun to eat!

Healthy Lunch Tips

5 Healthy Lunch Tips

How can school already have started?

Yikes, I just got in the groove with having the boys’ home for the summer and now they’re back to school! No more relaxing mornings and carefree nights without having to worry about waking up early or finishing homework! I’m not sure who needs more preparation for school; me or the boys! Lucky for me I’ve gone through this a few times so my shock wears off fast.

1. Healthy lunches are important to me and it’s all in the packaging for my kids!

Although CJ had a rough start and had eating issues as a child, he has certainly made up for it and eats a lot of healthy stuff! I make sure he has enough to eat throughout the day; we pack his lunch in a fishing tackle box! There’s lots of room for his food and drinking water. Thank goodness lunch containers have come a long way since my Partridge Family metal box. You can now easily find a fun AND practical insulated lunch box for your child to meet his or her needs. For some food, we use Lunchbot stainless steel containers. They have a variety of sizes. PlanetBox has several eco-friendly options, plus they look pretty cool. Go Green Lunch Box is another fun option and includes a reusable ice pack. Bento boxes offer another way to provide your child with a healthy lunch in a new and entertaining way.

2. Get your children involved with making their healthy choices.

Include your child in the shopping process. If their choices tend to be highly processed and/or sugary, redirect them to something similar, but healthy. Switch out potato chips with Plentils or Mayakaimal Chickpea Chips. Let your children prepare their lunch as much as possible. CJ loves to make his own salsa, mixing in different veggies and herbs depending on what looks good to him. Nuts are great for snacking as well as cognitive health and provide protein. The Darling Bakers have one month of lunch ideas and tips that include fermented foods! I generally stay away from processed meats, but I do like Applegate deli meats because they are organic and gluten-free. You can really taste the difference between their meats and cheaper brands loaded with chemicals. Making lunch the night before not only keeps you organized, but also helps you stay with healthy choices. You won’t want to cut up veggies if you only have 5 minutes left to get out the door! I like to cut them up the night before and drop them in reusable cloth bags and refrigerate. They are amazing and produce stays so fresh.

3. Be careful what you put your child’s food in.

I am very careful what touches the food CJ eats. If I’m spending a ton of money on healthy food, why would I put it in plastic? I wrap everything in Natural Value. Unbleached wax bags if I need to use a plastic container/bag. A recent study found that all plastics will harm your body, so why take a chance with putting your child’s food in a plastic bag? I prefer glass for storage, but that is not practical for children in school. has reusable sandwich bags in several patterns to choose from. They are easy to clean and store.

4. Start the morning off with a good breakfast so your child can make it to snack/lunch!

After eating a breakfast of Purely Elizabeth or Namaste Foods gluten-free waffles/pancakes or an Applegate bacon or sausage sandwich on gluten-free bread, CJ leaves the house sipping on a green smoothie with added fermented probiotics. With his day off to a good start, I know he’s ready to do the best he can at school. The probiotics, live enzymes and amino acids protein replenish his good gut bugs and provide not only aid in digestion, but also boost energy levels for better awareness during class. Processed foods tend to leave a child craving for more due to the high sugar content. Bad gut bugs love to gobble up that sugar and want more! Fermented foods on the other hand, gobble up the bad bacteria AND leave your child feeling satisfied.

5. Remember that these tips are also for adolescents as well as adults.

You are never too old to start eating healthy or too old to have a cool lunch box for work! I lead by example, for instance, I would love a donut now and then, but what it can do your health, I don’t love and don’t want to deplete my good gut bugs. Fill your lunch box with healthy alternatives to the afternoon cup of coffee or candy bar. Nuts and infused water are great pick me ups for any age! Try adding cumber and mint or lemon and ginger to your water. Adults may want to sip on green tea instead of heading off to the coffee machine or local cafe. Put the money you save on sugary coffee and snacks into a special coin jar. You’ll have enough extra money to buy organic produce and splurge on green matcha tea! You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up! (The average cafĂ© coffee is $4, that’s $20/work week, $80/month and $960/year – and you thought buying organic was expensive).